Forest purchase

Purchase of forest land

Purchase of forest with the ground - it's not only the conclusion of a commercial transaction, but
also a long term investment in forests, in order to ensure the continuity of the functioning of
forest ecosystems. We see forests not only as a source of raw material (wood), but also consider
the added values provided by the forest: a social and environmental.
We buy forests throughout Lithuania and guarantee the seller a profitable and fair deal. Qualified
specialists of our company provides comprehensive professional consultation, evaluate your
forest and offer you the best deal.
Our purchase of forest is an integrated solution that covers all necessary services. When buying a
forest we offer you:
  • Operatively and objectively evaluate (within 24 hours) the land of your forest
  • Present alternative proposals
  • Pay at once
  • Prepare and arrange all the necessary documents
The owner is obliged to maintain his own land of forest, in accordance with forest use and
management rules and norms, but only a small fraction of them have specific knowledge of how
to maintain stands of trees, cut or replant. In addition, there is the need to constantly monitor the
sanitary condition of the forest, and take care of preventive forest protection. A qualified
maintenance of the forest requires a lot of time, a lot of knowledge and considerable monetary
When you decide to sell forest land you will get rid of many worries. You will not neew need:
  • To take care of permanent maintenance of the forest
  • To be responsible for illegal logging
  • To take care of reforestation and education
  • To pay personal income tax to the State (if the forest is in your possession for more than three years)

Purchase of forest for cut down

Baltic Forest Group buys forest for cut down throughout the entire Lithuania. We buy timber
regardless of its geographic location, size, species composition, age, and stocking level.
Purchase of forest for cut down includes all the necessary activities:
  • Wood market consulting
  • Preparation of the management plan
  • Selection of logging sites and marking of harvestable trees
  • Management of cutting documentation
  • Deforestation, forest use in strict accordance with the law
  • Favorable prices for harvested timber

Long-term maintenance of the forest

Owners of private forest often does not have the time, expertise or simply the desire to maintain
the forest. In this case, we offer a long-term forest management agreement and break free from
the worries - all maintenance of the forest is performed by qualified personnel of Baltic Forest

The forest is yours, the concern is ours!

  • Planning and organization of forestry operations
  • Changes of wood market and forecast
  • The preventive forest protection
  • Sanitary protection of the forest