About Us

JSC Baltic Forest Group operates across Lithuania, and our trade relations extend to Scandinavia, the Baltic region and the part of Western European countries.

The company has successfully implemented the projects financed by European Union's structural funds.

The main areas of activity:

  • Purchase of forest land
  • Purchase of forest for cut down
  • Long-term rent of forest
  • Wholesale trade in round wood
  • Timber transportation services

Mission: Through the knowledge, skills and experience of our specialists, to take care of the forest, to cherish and preserve the landscape.

Vision: To become the strongest company in the trade of forest and timber, exploitation, processing and provision of specialized brokerage services for the customers of Lithuania and foreign countries.

Purpose: Guarantee each customer a profitable and fair deal.

Values: We do not aim for fast, same-day value. We are not in a hurry to cut down the forest because we appreciate not only economic but also their social and recreational value.